welcome, friends!
we are so glad you're here!

We are so glad that you're here!

get to know us!

We know what it's like to struggle paycheck to paycheck.
We know how it feels to watch others thrive, while sitting in a mess, feeling like we didn't have what it took to achieve our dreams.

Being college sweethearts, and getting  married before we graduated, we were basically living off of love. Which doesn't pay the bills, in case you were wondering. 

So when we say that we have been where you are - we mean it! None of this was given to us.

We have chosen to work hard - and smart. We went from qualifying for public assistance healthcare in our first years of marriage to get to where we are today.

The path was bumpy, but now that we are where we are, we are confident that we can help you to achieve your goals as well!

We can help you to thrive - physically, financially & beyond!

We're the Tinters!

In the beginning it all felt so hard, and so hopeless. We were unhealthy in every way. We knew what we wanted, but didn't know how to get those things. Then we made a plan. And we worked the heck out of that plan! It took daring to be different for us to finally find our stride.

We haven't looked back since!

daring to be different

Bekah started our health coaching business, totally unknowingly - simply wanting to lose some of the baby weight she had gained. Neither of us knew that those extra pounds would amount to a phenomenally different life, that neither of us actually dared to dream up for ourselves.

As a Marine, and then a police officer, Kevin decided to make health coaching a family business, and was able to leave his career as a cop. It was a scary move! Good bye benefits, and hello to being entrepreneurs who had to pay for everything on their own, without a guaranteed paycheck in 2 weeks.

But we had the passion, and the work ethic, and a good dose of 'we HAVE to make this work!' to make it happen. Even with 3 littles kids in tow. Or maybe because we had 3 littles kids in tow! Either way - we have developed so many systems that have helped us get to where we are.

We want to share those with you!

Our Journey

Get to know Bekah

fave leaders

john maxwell
darren hardy
kevin tinter

fave travels

hawaii, greece, turkey, israel, puerto rico, and africa as a family to build a well!

can't handle


can't live without

Jesus, my tribe,
pencil & paper.

fave movies

dumb & Dumber
The notebook

how 'bout kevin?

Get to know Kevin

fave books

the compound effect


making spreadsheets!
Thank you excel!

new challenges

plant-dominant diet
and Podcasting

relaxing time

monthly poker night, weekly date nights

fave toys

my matching corvette and truck
(Buckeye red!)
and new boat!

back to bekah

Our Journey


Met in college, dated,
got married.
Young, broke, happy.


Lived off of $1200 while going to school & working odd jobs


Lived in Japan for
3 years while serving in the USMC


Have 3 boys in 4 years!
No sleep, no money,
lots of love!


Bek starts health coaching practice while Kev wraps up career as police officer


Move to Arizona. 
Business, family,
is thriving


Adopt our sweet daughter, and thrive as a family of 6


Joyfully empowering
others to create a
thriving life!


we were young,
in college,
and broke as a joke

when we first met


but our hearts bleed

we love arizona


and they all have different combinations of hair and eye colors!

we have 4 kids


As a couple, we have been to Hawaii, Greece, Turkey, Israel, Puerto Rico.
And we went to Africe as a family, to build a well! 

traveling the world 


to know about us

Random Things


Fave weekend activity?

family time!

brunch so hard!



I'm all about...


working out

googling everything

You're an exceptional human with unlimited potential to reach your goals!

You enjoy the finer things in life, but you also don't mind rolling up your sleeves and doing some WORK!

So, let's work                          to achieve your goals!




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